Two new summer spirits

Summer is here and with it new batches of two summer drinks – Gin and Pastis!

How about capturing the south in a bottle?

It’s a rather alchemist task it seems. You’d have to extract the spirit of the sun, the plane trees, the sea breezes; add the sound of pétanque balls banging and the hum of cicadas, all sprinkled with a few grains of sand. How do you distill such a Madeleine de Proust?
We take up this challenge by creating beverages that capture the spirit of the Mediterranean, of the French Midi, through its plants – to offer you a taste experience that takes you on a journey. If you close your eyes and let yourself be carried away, “Esprit du Midi” will catapult you into a village bistro chair under a plane tree; “G*n” will be with you on the terrace of the beach guingette, feet in the sand, ice cubes clinking in the glass.

Happy summer solstice!