Marc de Grenache – Old reserve

Name: Marc de Grenache Vielle Réserve Matthieu Frécon
Denomination: Eau-de-vie de Marc de Grenache viellie
Cont: 50cl
Alcohol: 40%Vol
Sugar: 0 (dry)
Cuvée: Matthieu Frécon

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18 in stock

Marc de Grenache, old reserve from Matthieu Frécon

Grenache - or more precisely Grenache Noir - is a typical red grape variety of southern France. As a late-ripening grape variety, it is a real sun worshipper. Its fruity aromas of red berries and cherries and its light red color express themselves well both in blends and as a single cuvée.
This brandy was distilled by our master and predecessor Matthieu Frécon. It had time to round out for 10 years in dame-jeanne (glass) before being bottled when Martial Berthaud took over in 2014.

Tasting Notes
Incredibly round and fruity on the palate, you can really feel the Grenache grape variety with its notes of cherry and red fruit. It's such a sweet marc that it even wins over people who "don't like marc", and marc lovers fall in love.

In general, marc is a classic digestive. La vielle réserve deserves to be drunk on its own, in a moment of zen that allows you to concentrate on the evolution of its aromas on the palate and enjoy the pleasure of feeling its great smoothness and complexity.