Josiane Aneja – collector’s edition

Name: Josiane aneja
Denomination: Aged Agave spirit aged
Cont: 35cl
Alcohol: 45%Vol
Collector’s bottle, numbered and limited to 50 bottles

120,00  TTC

6 in stock

6 in stock

Josiane Aneja, agave eau-de-vie aged in peated whiskey oak barrels

This version of Josiane is aged in oak barrels for 12 months by cellar master Guillaume Ferroni (Château des Creissauds, Aubagne).
Like its white sister in the 2020 batch (sold out), it comes from the uprooting of agaves considered invasive species on the Frioul archipelago in Marseille.
REVEEL, the initiator of this project, is a non-profit laboratory for experimenting with new sustainable ways of producing. Informed of the uprooting of the Agaves populating the Frioul islands within the framework of the LIFE Habitats Calanques project, they had seen the opportunity to valorize this "green waste". Taken out in order to protect the flora of the Calanques National Park and dedicated to the vain destiny of composting, we transformed them together at the distillery. Cooked at low temperature in our Sauna to make them fermentable, they were pressed and then fermented in their juice. After double distillation, 25 liters of the precious distillate were sent to Guillaume Ferroni in Aubagne for maturation in distinguished barrels.
Each bottle was hand screen printed by the designer Axel Schindelbeck,founder of REVEEL. The lot is limited to 50 pieces, all numbered.

Tasting notes
The vegetal notes of agave are joined by the vanilla sweetness of wood: together they create an agave delicacy, with a surprising sweetness without even a grain of added sugar.


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