Esprit de Framboise

Name: Esprit de Framboise
Denomination: Raspberry-flavored wine-based spirit
Cont: 50cl
Alcohol: 40%Vol
Sugar: 0 (dry)
Millesime: 2023

52,00  TTC

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11 in stock

Esprit de framboise, wine-based spirit, raspberry flavored

In 2021 a friend saved several bags of dried organic raspberries from destruction. We macerated them in a wine spirit several times: to make good Raspberry spirit you need 5kg per Litre of alcohol! The notes of the fine seeds can bring bitterness, so it was necessary to take them out and press them to redistill only the alcoholic juice, which consequently was delicious throughout the third pass, until the end of the tail.

Tasting notes
In the mouth: it is a raspberry candy, with an intense and dense fruit and a complexity that evokes notes of malted grain and currants. The wine welcomes, wraps and amplifies the fruit which remains elegant and fresh.
A fruit spirit is best enjoyed at room temperature. It is a good companion that accompanies good discussions between friends until late at night, philosophising over a bottle, to release the spirit of the fruit, the Djinn, captured in it.

At the end of a meal as a digestive or in a cocktail as an aperitif, Esprit de Framboise can also go in a marinade or flavour a dish such as risotto with bitter salads like radicchio, puntarella or Castel Franco.