Presentation of the Manifesto of the Natural Hooch in Bordeaux!

May 20-25, 2019
In the framework of the exhibition Sous Les Pavés la vigne in Bordeaux, we had the opportunity to present the Manifesto of the Natural Hooch. We were also able to attend a debate on the theme of : “Transparency!The opacity of practices in the French vineyard in question” with Eric Morain, Ixchel Delaporte, Alain Déjean, and Pierre Carle, moderated by Antonin Iommi-Amunategui.

Theresa Bullman was able to present the manifesto “Natural Hooch” written in 2018 by our craft distillery and in collaboration with, among others, O’Baptiste Distilleries, and Alcools Vivant!

Discover our complete interview in video below: