The courses and trainings of the Atelier du Bouilleur

Training courses to discover the world of artisanal distillery

Better understand artisanal distillation with the Atelier du Bouilleur

Workshops, courses and training to learn more about distillation at the Atelier du Bouilleur

For more theoretical and historical explanations, the “internship” formula is an interesting option.

We organize weekend courses on various distillation themes. No prior knowledge of distillation is required, we adapt to all levels and teach in a fun way.

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We offer small day workshops on Gin production through the booking platform Wecando. During the training day, you will make a bottle of your own gin to taste at home afterwards!

Deepen your knowledge in the distillation of spirits

The distillation school, training center located at the Distillerie Baptiste

For more training on all subjects concerning the production of spirits, including legal, chemical, botanical, aging and many other topics, please consult the distillation school at Distillerie Baptiste where Martial also teaches.

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