L’Atelier du Bouilleur

Natural brandy distillery
& custom spirits


9 avenue du Bouilleur
34480 Autignac, France


of the artisanal distillery

L’Atelier du Bouilleur is a cooperative distillery located in the south of France.
Since 2014 we’ve been producing high-quality spirits following the commitments of the “Manifeste de la Gnôle Naturelle” – ethical, ecological, additive-free.
We also offer custom distillation for professionals and amateurs, including the wine estates of the Faugèrois region, who entrust us with the production of Fine Faugères, the appellation’s brandy.






Fine Faugères distillery


chemical & animal input

300 days of sunshine a year

11 estates for which we produce Fine Faugères

115 producers who put their trust in us

Who we are

A team, a land, a history

The former Autignac cooperative distillery, now owned by the “Groupe UDM – l’Union des Distillerie de la Méditerranée”, is home to our small artisanal distillery.
Today, our SCOP is made up of three partners: Martial, Theresa and Matthieu live and work on site.



What is an artisanal natural brandy?

The South of France is the stuff of dreams: sunshine, voluptuous aromas, exceptional cuisine, good wine, quality of life, tranquillity (except for the cicadas and the wind…) That’s the spirit we capture in our bottles and present to you here.
All our spirits are locally produced, artisanal, collective and vegan.

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Some spirits from our range

Fine Faugères

Geographical Indication wine brandy.


Spirit made from grape marc and wine, flavored with apricot stones.


Cherry-flavored grape marc spirit


Wine-based spirit flavored with lavender flowers.

Esprit du midi

Spirit made from grape marc, flavored with Mediterranean herbs.


Spirit made from grape marc, flavored with Verbena.

The Blog

News from the distillery

Distillers of Natural Booze

Distillers of Natural Booze

The "Natural Booze" movementA people of irreducible Gauls, French distillers of natural booze, wished to promote the fruit of their natural distillation. This is the birth of the "Natural Booze" movement! At the origin several "natural" distillers, amongst them...


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